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To all who were in expecting...

2008-09-01 09:06:54 by ParishIsDead

Dearest Friends of Piaras,

I regret to inform you all that my dearest friend and mentor Piaras Ivan Delaney has passed away. He was a strong willed man who never told anyone of his ails, which turned out to be his downfall. Piaras was suffering of a heart disorder for two years before he passed away.

I know from reading his notebooks and his computers that some people here had tried to call Piaras out as a cheating liar, and he had tried to rectify himself through the creation of a great piece. Piaras was creating this piece in secret, so I cannot find it. I will look for remnants on his computer, but I assure you nothing.

Or maybe this is the great piece he spoke of... only it was his greatest peace.

His Friend and Mentor,

To all who were in expecting...


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2008-09-02 17:17:07

Pardon my asking, but are you his mentor or is he your mentor? In one sentence you said "my dearest friend and mentor Piaras Ivan Delaney " but later went on to conclude with "His Friend and Mentor, Jaqueline" I am just attempting to clarify.

More importantly, this is a loss to the classical section. He had composed some wonderful pieces in my opinion and left me a few reviews in the past if memory serves.

May he rest in peace,


2008-09-02 19:13:43

Oh man... I was hoping for that new song. This really sucks. For some reason, I can see him suddenly coming back and saying that this all was a hoax. Oh well... I guess we all have to cope with this loss of amazing music.

I hope he can rest peacefully in wherever he is now...


2008-09-02 23:19:07

The music world has lost an amazing composer. My regards and deepest sympathies for this great loss.


2008-09-25 18:47:58

Aw man.... I really liked his material. Coming from me, that's saying something, 'cuz it's not that often that I'm interested in classical music. In fact, I'm pretty much NEVER interested. I find this hard to believe, for the most part as this is the net and hoaxes run rampant, but I'll assume that this is true anyway. Not too many people joke about things like this.


2008-10-15 18:55:19

I'm commenting pretty late... but I'm sad now. He wrote great music...


2013-08-28 00:05:18

It's taken me five years to get the courage to leave my respects.

Piaras was... probably my biggest influence in writing music. I would say the only reason I've taken theory classes over the years is because of him. He took me under his wing and gave me tips, helped me make better content. I was terrible and I think he might have just felt bad for me. I was twelve at the time.

I struggled for at least two years with the idea of Piaras being gone. This was my first experience with someone close to me passing away. It would bother me once in a while. I would sit there for an hour or two, trying to put my words together. Eventually, I pushed it out of my mind. I was too scared of this closure, too scared I might say something I didn't mean, or something not befitting him.

Piaras was a good man and I respect him greatly long after his death. I doubt anyone will read my final respects, but I hope he hears them. And I hope he forgives me for my cowardice. His death was tragic, like those of so many other creative minds of the last centuries.

Here's to you, Piaras. You gave your time to help others until the moment it ran out. You were a good man.

- Ethan