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The Insucurities of the HolyWar

2008-05-17 17:30:14 by ParishIsDead


I have been forced to remove certain musical posts because a Mr. HolyWar has had the audacity to debunk and defile the reviews with an accusation that the song was stolen. I have removed the piece to keep my name clear and remind those people that those pieces were indeed my own creations.

And for those who do not believe me, I give you this sentiment:

... excuse me for my language for just a moment everyone...

I wish that some people with half of a brain would at least try to look past their selfish and piratical aim for the chance to call somebody a cheating scumbag! And for shame for even promoting a disgusting program like Limewire. I say LISTEN. not just the beginning. The entire fucking thing. This was indeed my very first piece so I did indeed, like all others have done in their lifetime, use samples to try to figure out the direction that I should take. However, Midnight Syndicate was not one of them. I used the ROYALTY FREE samples that I obtained from my school. Maybe you should check out the fucking Midnight Syndicate too before you begin pointing fingers at others. It is only the scum of the Earth that will defile an artists efforts for gain. By the way. Did you enjoy dropping my score? Do you enjoy being called a liar in front of a huge audience like you have done to me for the ten hours that I did not see this review? And do you enjoy the satisfaction of robing true artists on Limewire? I hope you have a virus you scum. I would spit on you if I could.

Do not comment on this Post. If you need to tell me something Email me here.

And furthermore, as a response to the criticism of those who I once held high, I will create a new song. And don't think that you will be getting off so easy this time. Oh no. THIS TIME EVERYONE WHO HEARS MY MUSIC THEY WILL KNOW WHO MADE IT!!!

Don't expect another submission for about 2 months. In fact, come back on July 22nd, the day of my birth, and listen to what I have in store.

Mark your calendars my faithful fans. And the same to those spiteful, pitiful, and piratical enemies of mine.


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2008-05-17 19:02:38

you can disable comments, you know.

Also, that sucks... You shouldnt've deleted the submission, you should've talked to an Audio Portal mod about it.